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Germany beyond the enchanted forest - a literary anthology


This highly original anthology shows how over 80 English speakers have depicted Germany. Starting in the 16th century with some of the earliest travel accounts in English, here are letters from Johnsonians such as Boswell and Garrick and the Romantic poets Coleridge and Wordsworth, the journals of Herman Melville and Henry James, ante bellum fiction by authors such as D. H. Lawrence and Ford Madox Ford. The Enchanted Forest, the symbol of Romantic idealism and traditional folk tales, has given way to other images of Germany and Germans, from before the horrors of the 20th century. Work by Christopher Isherwood, Stephen Spender and wartime reporters through the 1940s exposes the countr's darkest moments contrasted with unique perspectives from inside Germany by Christabel Bielenberg and Michael Howard. Chapters include Of Saxons and Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, Thomas Coryate's Crudities, Mary Wortley Montagu's letters, the Shelleys, Thackeray's letters, Thomas Hood, Elisabeth Gaskell and George Eliot, Mark Twain. Other masterpieces of English literature about Germany include the Weimar Republic and writing through the Nazi stranglehold, spy fiction from Bill Bryson and 11 pieces from the year 2000 and globalisation including Springtime for Germany by Ben Donald.

241 p.

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