cover van 'Curt Stager | Our future earth'

Our future earth

How the planet will change in the next 100.000 years 

Our Future Earth vividly describes how the decisions made about the environment in the next decades will affect the next 100,000 years of life on the planet, and shows how far todays environmental debate is overlooking crucial long-term evidence. By considering the Earths history over millions of years, and not merely over the last couple of centuries, this book changes our understanding. It draws on geological evidence to show that the greatest immediate threat to humans will not be global warming, but global cooling. And the extent of human control over the environment now makes the direction of climate change a greater matter of choice than the public realises. This lucid book will prompt climate sceptics, activists and everyone in between to think again about our future Earth, because the real consequences of our behaviour are set to be far more dramatic than we expect.

284 p.

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