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Textiles from Burma


Art Media Resources, Chicago, 2003. Hardcover. Illustrated by 140 color plates 30 black and white; "The strength of this book is that it displays not only old textiles from the 19th and early 20th century but also new textiles from various regions.The Green Centre in Brighton, UK has been carefully collecting new textiles from weavers so as to understand weaving methods, the use of the textile, its meaning and placement in social context. This book is beautifully illustrated throughout in colour and has sections devoted to most of the major ethnic groups with a few of the textile types common to each illustrated. It also has sections on Court Dress, textile texts (sazigyo) and the weavings done in refugee camps." -K. Maxwell. Green formed most of the collection while a recruitment officer in the Burma Rifles in the 1920s.; 3; 192 pp.

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