cover van 'Tuomas Kyrö | The  Beggar and the Hare'

The Beggar and the Hare


Vatanescu, an impoverished Romanian constructionworker, wants a future for himself and a pair of football boots for his son. So he heads north to a cold dark country where there is money to be made. Finding his way to Finland, he takes up with Russian human trafficker Yegor Kugar and joins the bottom rung of a begging ring. Before long Vatanescu is on the streets of Helsinki, earning a small percentage on spare change. Soon he is on the run from both an international crime organisation and the Finnish police. Striking up a friendship with a fellow outcast, a hare fleeing Helsinki pest control, Vatanescu travels the length and breadth of Finland, crashing into other people's lives, fumbling his way from the streets into the upper echelons of Finnish politics. This strange, compelling fable about Europe, capitalism and the human heart is unlike anything else you will ever read.

224 p.

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