cover van 'Richard Serra | Vertical and horizontal reversals'

Vertical and horizontal reversals


Richard Serra (1939) has exhibited extensively throughout the world since the 1960's. In addition, Serra has created a number of site-specific sculptures in public and private venues in both North America and Europe.In 1971 he began creating drawings, and they continue to constitute an autonomous part of his practice. Often large in scale, these drawings are typically made with a thick impasto of black paint stick (or, more recently, lithographic crayons melted into a brick). Begun in 2013, Serra's 'reversal' drawings employ two identical rectangular sheets of paper that are adjoined in a vertical or horizontal format, with the black-and-white areas reversing themselves proportionally top to bottom (or left to right). Vertical and horizontal reversals is the most extensive presentation of Serra's reversal drawings to be published. It reproduces all thirty-three drawings shown at this year's exhibition at David Zwirner in New York, including a group of new horizontal reversals.

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