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door: Lea Dasberg

An intimate history of Jewish childhood in the Western world 1723-1933 according to autobiographies

in the Western world 1723-1933 according to autobiographies


Explore Judaism’s overlooked history: the stories, tribulations and traditions that define what it means to be a Jewish child. In this comprehensive history, you’ll join children as they recollect their experiences beginning with the awakening of the EnliEnlightenment in the 18th century all the way to the birth of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.
The history focuses mainly on Europe, and the stories come from autobiographies written in six different languages. Learn how Jewish children dealt with and overcame various forms of discrimination, including:
The Hepp-Hepp Movement of 1819, The blood libels in Tisza Eslar in Hungary in 1882 and Xanten, Germany in 1892, The Dreyfus Affair from 1893 to 1906 in France, The wave of pogroms in Russia, Discrimination at North American universities, The restriction of immigration to Palestine, and much more.
Gain a greater appreciation for what it means to be born into Judaism with firsthand accounts that convey An Intimate History of Jewish Childhood inthe Western World.

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