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door: Mister Mourao

Brain bend

Extreme architecture mazes


Brain Bend is a unique book featuring 25 wild, vibrant, architecturally themed mazes, along with black-and-white versions of the same artwork for coloring in. Artist and illustrator Mister Mourao’s stunning, mind-bending designs, which range in style from joyfully freeform to impressively structured, offer a stimulating visual challenge to maze and coloring enthusiasts. Includes maze solutions at the back of the book. Perforated pages make it easy to remove the designs, and high-quality, heavy, uncoated paper make them a pleasure to solve and color.

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Artikelnummer: 00223 Binding: pb.Uitvoering: 118 p.Jaar: 2017Illustraties: kl. en zw/w ills. om in te kleurenCategorie: