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Sculpture after sculpture Fritsch – Koons – Ray

Fritsch - Koons - Ray


When, in the early eighties, minimalist and concep­tual approaches were dominant in art, the consis­tently figural and emphatically sculptural representa­tions of everyday subjects by Katharina Fritsch, Jeff Koons und Charles Ray attracted a great deal of attention. Their striking stanc­es continue to have an influence on cultural visual memory. Sculpture After Sculpture: Fritsch, Koons, Ray traces the parallel developments in the creative work of the three sculptors. Beginning with key works from the late eighties and early nineties that throw light on their shared interest in the consumer world and the ready-made, the publication delineates their ar­tistic practice up to the present day. A direct compari­son highlights the surprising similarities and marked differences in their oeuvres, and reveals the artists’ compelling reasons for a decidedly contemporary art of sculpture.

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