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door: Lee van der Voo

The fish market

Inside the big-money battle for the ocean and your dinner plate


Aboard fishing vessels from Alaska to Maine, inside restaurants of top chefs, and from the halls of Congress, in The Fish Market, journalist Lee van der Voo tells the story of the people and places left behind in this era of ocean privatization – a trend that now controls more than half of American seafood. Following seafood money from U.S. docks to Wall Street, she explains the methods that investors, equity firms, and seafood landlords have used to capture the upside of the sustainable seafoodmovement, and why many people believe in them. She also goes behind the scenes of the Slow Fish movement–among holdouts against privatization of the sea– to show why they argue consumers don’t have to buy sustainability from Wall Street, or choosebetween the environment and their fisherman.

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