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door: Matthias Koddenberg

Yves Klein in/out studio


Yves Klein did not have long to leave his mark on history. And yet, by the time he died of a heart attack in 1962, the man had become a legend. Discover this phenomenal artist’s performative and photographic masterpieces, which shaped the formation of Popf Pop Art and Minimalism. From his earliest days, Klein was aware of the growing importance of the media; he utilised their new technologies to his advantage. In contrast to many of his contemporaries, he did not see photography purely as a means ofdocumentation but, above all, as a way of presenting his subjects. By deciding who could take photos of him and how this was done, he turned himself into a myth: a blur between the boundaries of art and life. This book presents Klein’s most iconic works, as well as offering a more thorough look at the influences and inspirations behind his performances. It contains numerous contact prints, along with lesser-known photos and snapshots that are not listed among the famous pictures released for publication, making this book perfect for fans and collectors who are looking for a new insight into this enigmatic artist.

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